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My name is Dale Descant.  I was born in Bunkie, La on February 13, 1946.  Lived and raised in Evergreen, La.  Worked in the cotton fields until I was 18 and joined the U.S. Navy as quick as I could on April 1, 1964.  Married the love of my life on August 10, 1968. 
Retired from active duty U.S. Navy in June 1986.  Retired from Department of the Navy Civil Service in August 2012.   Although Sandra and I have lived in various locations throughout the U.S.A., our love for Louisiana has always been at the forefront of our everyday lives.

Why Parish Geauxt:
We chose 'Parish Geauxt' because the name is so Louisiana, broad in scope and goes right to the blood stream for reminiscing about many aspects of our Louisiana Roots.  Our initial goal was to highlight only Avoyelles Parish as we are currently doing with our website.  Unlike, we can keep 'Parish Geauxt' a little more compartmented to each of the  64 Louisiana Parishes.     

Our love for Louisiana has no bounds...
  We hope you feel the same way and will assist us by providing input about your Parish.  Anything!!!  Email Dale.

Sportsman's Paradise is made up of 18 Parishes
Crossroads is made up of 11 Parishes
Cajun Country is made up of 22 parishes
Plantation Country is made up of 6 Parishes
Greater New Orleans is made up of 7 Parishes

Why Parish; Not County
Wikipedia Kneauxz
First Parishes in 1807
19 of'em...
Mixed Bag...
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